Our Productions


We have lots of exciting productions coming up in 2017.
We do many performances per year, all of them will be up on this page as soon as the dates are confirmed!
We do a handful of small performances for friends and family throughout the year, the biggest being at Christmas, and then a massive performance at the Buxton Fringe Festival every July.
Here are the dates and times of the performances coming up!
Christmas Performance:
Fringe Festival Performance:
Junior Company (Mobile Phone Show)
Wednesday 19th July: 5pm-6pm
Senior Company (Lord Of The Flies)
Monday 17th July 4:15pm-5:15pm
Tuesday 18th July 6:30pm-7:30pm
Wednesday 19th July: 6:30pm-7:30pm
Thursday 20th July: 6:30pm-7:30pm
If you would like to come along and join REC and be part of this exciting company, then please do get in touch or come along to one of our sessions (please see Date and Times page).
At the 2013 Buxton Fringe, REC’s junior company performed the vibrant and entertaining ‘Pan O’Rama’ written especially for them by Tom Crawshaw, which was nominated for Best New Writing and Best Young Drama. Company member Siobhan Piercy won Best Young Actor for her role in ‘Pan O’Rama’.
Our senior company, performed the beautifully creative and moving  ‘Red Red Shoes’, which won the award for Best Young Drama.

Extracts from ‘Pan O’Rama’ Review by Malcolm Lomax“…what a treat to see a play boasting a talented cast of 11.”“…the whole ensemble attacked the piece with gusto and enthusiasm.”“This cast really own their material and exploit every opportunity for humour.”“A thoroughly entertaining entertainment for the whole family, which the children in the audience enjoyed almost as much as the adults. Following the theme of the play, I hope these young performers never grow up to be cynical old thespians and always retain their capacity for fun and playing, for herein lays the germ of all good theatre.”Audience comment:

“Just been to see this; great script with some really strong performances by a young enthusiastic theatre group; 3 more shows to go – try and get to see it”

Extracts from ‘Red Red Shoes’ review by Jayne Marling

– Five talented actors played all the parts. Annie Osborne who played the bread lady, amongst other roles was a captivating actor. She took on each character with confidence, and all had a clear physical and vocal distinction. Ellie Burke was an engaging Franvera who the audience felt real sympathy for.

This show was an excellent piece of storytelling presented in an interesting style. The first night audience was left visibly moved by the ending.

Audience comments:

“Lovely! 5 young actors showing talent, versatility, teamwork. Character changes skillfully handled, diction excellent. Movement and dance very well done, especially Red Shoes. Loved Balkan music. Well done all!”

“Absolutely wonderful! A real treat that was both heartbreaking and heartwarming! I loved it!”



At the 2014 Buxton Fringe, all of REC’s companies joined together and performed the vibrant and entertaining ‘Around The World In 80 Days’ written especially for them by Tom Crawshaw.
At the 2015 Buxton Fringe, REC’s junior and young companies performed the hilarious and entertaining ‘Grimm Fairy Tales’ written by Carol Ann Duffy.
Grimm Tales Leaflet
Our senior company, performed the dark and moving  ‘Ash Girl’, a dark re-telling  of Cinderella.
Ash Girl Leaflet
In 2017, the Junior Company performed ‘The Mobile Phone Show’
Meannwhile the Senior Company performed a dark show of William Golding’s classic ‘Lord of The Flies’

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