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Past Reviews:

Name: Dan Rhode

Performance: 18th July 2014, Around The World In 80 Days

Review: This was a very enjoyable show put on by a very talented group of local youth actors. The show was complex and involved lots of different scenes and lines, and the cast was brilliant. The crowd laughed out loud repeatedly.  I look forward to seeing more of this group’s work in the future.

Name: Matthew Webb

Performance: 11th July 2015, The Grimm Fairy Tales

Review: Wow. This ambitious adaptation of classic fairytales was beautifully played and directed. There were a couple a stand out performances but the whole cast showed obvious enthusiasm and preparedness. Great to see young people of different ages working together so well. We really enjoyed the show.

Name: Ainsley Ashton

Performance:  11th July 2015, The Grimm Fairy Tales

Review: A fantastic production, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Name: Sara Allen

Performance: 11th July 20115, The Grimm Fairy Tales

Review: A very funny performance by the fantastic young actors! All credit to the children and the brilliant Kitty Randle for their creativity and commitment!

Name: Leslie Cottrell

Performance: 11th July 2015, The Grimm Tales

Review:  I totally enjoyed this performance of The Grimm Tales.  It was terrific to see children of different ages working together to complete a production.  Kitty Randle, the director, was very clever and resourceful in her design, placement and use of props for the show.  The younger children set the mood and supported the older performers.  Aidan Rhode and Daniel Walton’s performances were outstanding. These young men spoke clearly and brimmed with self-confidence. They were funny and creative without over the top “show-boating.”  Well done by all involved.  Thanks for all the hard work.

Name: Will Rhode

Performance: 11th July 2015, The Grimm Tales and The Ash Girl

Review:  All characters from all ages were fantastic. Grimm Tales was awesome. Ash Girl was great.

Name: Stephanie Billen (Official Fringe Reviewer)

Performance: 17th July 2017, Lord Of The Flies


The award-winning REC Youth Theatre’s Senior Company is back with another very assured, slickly delivered piece of theatre, a satisfying adaptation by Nigel Williams of William Golding’s dark novel about children descending into savagery on a desert island.

The three leads in this production are particularly convincing. Alex Paul as Ralph and James Chetwood as Jack both manage to convey their characters’ different journeys – Ralph from confident figure of authority to timorous wreck and Jack from priggish choir prefect to feral hunter of both beasts and humans. Victimised, bespectacled Piggy, played by Ben Edmonds, is a more consistent figure but this too is a challenging role, particularly as Edmonds does not carry the extra weight normally associated with this part. As it is, he cleverly uses body language to express Piggy’s immense frustration at being continually sidelined and mocked despite his intelligence and maturity.

This is not a very easy play to stage but the production team under director Kitty Randle have come up with some neat ideas to suggest fire and also the apparition of “the beast” which is to haunt and derail the islanders. Unnerving music also proves effective in this regard and the performers are well choreographed as their hunting becomes increasingly ritualistic. The REC regularly holds workshops in stage combat and this has clearly paid off with fight scenes that could have been embarrassing proving quite disturbingly convincing.

As with the REC’s Mobile Phone Show, also on at the Fringe, there is some lovely teamwork on display here with those in smaller roles contributing to the success of the whole. I was struck by Anna Walker’s portrayal of someone trying to hold it together but quietly terrified by what was going on and what she was becoming, and by Michael Duckworth as the epileptic Simon but there were no weak links and crucially great commitment from everyone involved.

Anyone inspired to join one of REC’s three companies for young people should contact artistic director Kitty Randle on recyouththeatre@gmail.com

Stephanie Billen


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